Contributor List Builder Giveaway In A Box by Kate Doster Communications

Contributor List Builder Giveaway In A Box

Ready to grow your list by 1000's?

The Contributor Giveaway In A Box will get you there. 

In this course you'll get word for word scripts for asking people to join your giveaway. A Trello Board to keep everything straight. Even pre-made website templates to help you run your giveaway with ease. 

And of course we cover how to promote your giveaway so you get the MOST amount of subscribers for free. 

Yay! Everyone wins. Your audience, your list size and your contributors. 

What's included?

Video Icon 10 videos File Icon 2 files


Video 1: What is a giveaway? How does it work? Why are they so damn good?
16 mins
Video 2: Planning your giveaway
26 mins
Bonus: List Building Giveaway Trello Board
15 mins
Video 3: Tech & Your Giveaway Website
29 mins
Lesson 3 - Tools, Tech and Website PDF guide
481 KB
13 MB
Video 4: Contributors
21 mins
Lesson 4 Bonus: Intro to Airtable Form.mp4
10 mins
Video 5: Promotion & Marketing
26 mins
Airtable File View.mp4
6 mins
Airtable - Promo Material View.mp4
6 mins
Video 6: What to do During & After Giveaway
15 mins